Workpackage : WP6
Econophysics - conference
Start date or start event : 13 month
Objectives :
  1. Promotion of the COPIRA group and the Jagellonian University as one of the leading European centres in the interdisciplinary education and research.
  2. Promotion of academic and applied research of statistical physics as an advanced tool for the description of complex economic and financial systems.
  3. Contribution to the social and economic development of the region and country through the promotion of advanced computational methods of market analysis.
Description :
The possibility of easy access and processing of huge quantities of data on financial markets opened the path to new methodologies in the general area of integrated risk management. It is nowadays widely accepted that classical models for the description of financial and economic variables fail to explain several important features of the empirical data. This fact has spurred the interest of theoretical and computer physicists, with the hope that several advanced methods developed for the complex systems will turn out to be relevant in finances. This new fascinating topic of research is called econophysics. Members of the COPIRA group are active in this field since 2 years, promoting this pioneering discipline in Poland. The package assumes econophysics to be the topic of international conference, co-organized with Hugo Steinhaus Center of Wroclaw Technical University in 2004. It will gather top European experts in this new field from both research institutions and business sector. The conference, attended also by young researchers and financial and economic specialists of the region, will form a unique platform for the integration and popularisation of applied research in the society.
Time and location : Krakow, Spring 2004.
Number of invited lecturers : 30
Partners involved :
Deliverables :
  1. Proceedings of the conference published and distributed
Milestones and expected results :
  1. The conference will promote interdisciplinary research in computer science, physics and economy.
  2. Dissemination of new concepts in quantitative finance to IT enterprises and banking institutions.
  3. Education of new generation of multidisciplinary experts, future key persons in the formation of the information society.
  4. Intensifying the exchange of knowledge all over Europe in the emerging science of econophysics.