Workpackage : WP5
Optimisation of network flows - collaboration and research visits
Start date or start event : 1 month
Objectives :
Establishing close collaboration with the European research centres in the field of parametric and geometric optimisation using the experience from the study of random networks.
    Description :
    The scientific part of the package is the same as in the WP4. The collaboration consists of mutual visits of scientists from European laboratories. The planned visits will improve the present knowledge on the existing methods of optimisation and are important for the research part of the programme. During the visits it will be possible to continue research developed in the centres and to participate in the workshops organized there.
    Number of visits : Partners involved :
    Deliverables :
    1. Report on the status of collaboration and obtained results.
    Milestones and expected results :
    1. Establishing the COPIRA group as a full partner in European research.
    2. Development of multidisciplinary investigation contributing to deeper understanding of the challenging problems of the ``information society''.
    3. Common publications in renowned journals.
    4. Seminars delivered in the collaborating institutions.