Workpackage : WP8
Object Oriented Simulation Framework - collaboration and exchange visits.
Start date or start event : 7 month
Objectives :
Integrating the knowledge and experience of the European research centres in the field of computer simulations.
    Description :
    Monte Carlo simulations carried out in many areas are quite similar involving usually a combination of similar steps. The "logic" of those steps is essentially identical from simulation to simulation. The aim of this package is to coordinate the efforts of several institutions and develop a common platform for description and implementation of MC-simulations. The common part would be implemented as an object oriented framework i.e. a collection of classes (in C++). This common platform will allow to integrate together many techniques developed in various European institutes, effectively sharing and distributing the accumulated knowledge. The object oriented techniques provide a clear separation of interface from implementation and as such are the best choice for implementing the reusable components. The existing collaboration between the institutes will be strengthened by short term visits. The coordination of the whole project will take place trough the Internet.
    Number of visits : Partners involved :
    Deliverables :
    1. Report on the status of the collaboration and obtained results.
    2. The prepared code and documentation will be available trough the Internet.
    Milestones and expected results :
    1. Strengthening European collaboration on computer simulations.
    2. Code of the framework with documentation describing the common vocabulary and data interchange.