The international Workshop on Applications of Neural Networks

30 May - 8 June 2003 Zakopane, Poland

The workshop was a part of the XLIII Cracow School of Theoretical Physics with 75 participants. The 5 invited lecturers were from Ljubljana, Prague, Warsaw and Wisconsin. The workshop activity consisted of the lectures and working group discussions. The following lectures were given:
  1. A. Pacut (Warsaw): Neural networks and the algebra of gradients.
  2. F. Hakl (Prague): Applications of Neural Networks in Physics.
  3. M. Jirina (Prague): Introduction and overview of neural network models.
  4. K. Cranmer (Wisconsin): Prospects for neural network applications in the analysis of the LHC data.
  5. K. Cranmer (Wisconsin): Generalization of the multivariate analysis: information theory, statistical learning theory and projects pursuit.
  6. B. Kersevan (Lubliana): Neural network application in analysis of the LEP data.

There was also a lecture "Neural Networks" given to the open public by K. Cranmer. The audience was mainly high-school students.